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A child without courage…

By October 26, 20143 Comments

On this lazy Sunday in October as fall has set in and the sun is setting earlier and earlier I decided to enjoy my last few hours of the weekend at home with a glass of wine and some movie time. These types of Sunday evenings I often give into nostalgia as I am prone to do and therefore rely on music or movies that resonate with my childhood and are imbued with familial sentiment.

One such movie which never gets old and I can watch over and over without regret is Annie. As I sit and watch, singing along with each and every musical number, I am a child once again. What I love about this movie in particular is that no matter how old I get or the members of my family get, we all can come together and watch this movie during holidays or summer beach vacations. From my father on down to my youngest brother, we all recite the well written one liners such as, “I guess I’ll never know the feeling of running fingers through your hair” or “Rooster, you reprobate!”. We always comment on Carol Burnett’s amazing performance and how we wish we had a Saunders to “get me a drink!”.

Those who know me, know that I love the line from the movie, “A child without courage is like a night without stars” spoken by Punjab at the end of the film when he rescues Annie from the train bridge. This time, as I write this while Annie plays in the background I listen to those words with a melancholy heart. Geoffrey Holder who played Punjab and also known for his exuberant baritone in 7 Up commercials, passed away on October 5th. I’d like to thank you Punjab for your beautiful performance in Annie. Thank you for giving me one of my favorite sayings. May you Rest in Peace.

Punjab dancing

Punjab dancing