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Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond album cover

Do you have music that no matter when you listen to it and no matter how old the songs are you feel grounded, transported to a comfortable warm place that feels easy and happy. Last night I downloaded The Neil Diamond Collection, 1999 which for me represents my childhood in a few songs.

Back at work today, not really finding the energy to get motivated I started listening to the album knowing it would pick me up and put me in good spirits. As Neil’s deep baritone resounded through my office I was instantly brought back to my childhood kitchen were my parents would throw in the 8-track tape into our oversize combination TV/Stereo console so popular in the 70’s and early 80’s.

I recalled no matter when, no matter how often, when the song Brother love’s traveling salvation show came on my dad would pick up my younger brother on his shoulders at the dinner table and dance around the rooms with the rest of us cheering and singing along. It was truly a joyful time to be together as a family.

Later on the album comes I Am…I Said and I can remember my sister breaking out her voluminous Neil Diamond songbook and playing it on the piano so many afternoons after school while we did homework, my mother cooked dinner and the younger kids played.

My dad would serenade my sister with Sweet Caroline naturally replacing the lyrics with her name “Sweet Carol Lynn”. I don’t care what the Boston Red Sox fans say, that song will never mean anything else to me than that!

Shilo, Song Sung Blue, Brooklyn Roads, on and on, each song better than the last. Thanks Neil for making my Tuesday a little bit brighter!