Around the world in.. more than 80 days

Travel is one of my favorite hobbies. I certainly don’t do it as often as I used to and definitely not as often as I’d like. I’ve been very fortunate to see so many wonderful places, experience local cultures, try new foods, view stunning art and architecture and create numerous memories with family and friends. My desire was to one day visit 50 countries. Not sure I’ll get to that globetrotting number but maybe 25 is a more realistic achievement.

I believe travel should be a requirement for everyone. It is my personal philosophy that going to new places, experiencing new customs, meeting new people and getting that somewhat uneasy yet exhilarating feeling when you are in a totally new place makes a person more tolerant, able to deal with challenges more effectively and provides the means by which we truly come to understand ourselves. I do not think you can assert your belief system until you’ve had it challenged.

I’ve now expired two passports and I am in need to get my third. While that gets processed I thought I’d take a moment to compile a list of places I’ve visited. My intent to put together this list is not to boast. There are many people, some I call friends, who have been to many more places than I’ve been. I just have never taken the time to stop and take stock of my travels. I am not counting places I’ve “traveled through” or had a layover in. I have only listed places that I’ve actually BEEN. For US states that I’ve done extensive travel I’ve just listed as “various places”.

Here is my list:


Maine (Various locations)

New Hampshire (Various locations)

Vermont (Stowe, Montpellier)

Massachusetts (Various locations)

Connecticut (Various locations)

Rhode Island (Providence)

New York (Various locations)

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

New Jersey (Various locations)

Delaware (Various locations)

Maryland (Various locations)

Washington, DC

Georgia (Atlanta)

Florida (Vero Beach, Orlando, Miami)

Illinois (Chicago)

Louisiana (New Orleans)

Texas (Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas)

New Mexico (Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Sante Fe, White Sands Desert)

Oregon (Portland)

California (San Francisco, Napa area, Red Wood forest region)


Montreal, Laval, Terrebonne



United Kingdom



Paris, Nice, Avignon, Monaco, Lourdes, Chartres, Versailles, Fontainebleau, Strasbourg, Cannes, Bordeaux, Lyon


Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg, Bayreuth


Barcelona, Madrid


Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Milan, Capri, Naples, Sorrento, Cuomo, Turate




Vienna, Salzburg



Czech Republic

Prague, Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov, Melnik, Děčín




Copenhagen, Arhus, Kolding


Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hellevoetsluis



Author: Kevin

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