Crossing the 200

By June 27, 20164 Comments

Earlier this year I posted about the journey I was to embark on with regards to getting healthy. I had all the best intentions, the spare room set up as my home gym and a refrigerator stocked with healthy food. What I apparently did not have was a strong will to overcome the stresses of work and life to shut out the whispers from the neighborhood pizzerias and burrito shops. My healthy program lasted a week or two at most and I fell right back into my Ben & Jerry’s couch potato lifestyle.

My original starting point of 212 gave way under my enormous weight and soon grew to a whopping 218.9. I’d like to say that it was the drool coming from my mouth after inhaling a large pizza, the fact that none of my clothes fit, or that I was totally exhausted all the time that finally lit a spark. But I can’t say any of those were the reason. For some reason I woke up one day and just said ENOUGH.

I reset the starting point up to 218.9 and as my tears hit the electronic display of my scale I embarked on the journey… yet again. This time however, I am mentally committed. Since May 9th I have lost a total of 19.2 lbs. Today’s weigh in has officially crossed me over the 200 mark. Seeing a “1” instead of a “2” has an incredibly positive psychological impact. I have about 35 more lbs to go to reach my goal in terms of fat burn. By mid fall I should be able to officially renounce heifer status.