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By December 5, 2013December 13th, 2013One Comment

Ezra pouring a “fire” drink

This past weekend my husband, my sister and my brother in law went to a hot spot in the hip and trendy seaport district in Boston called Drink. Voted one of the top 50 bars in the world, Drink offers you a true mixed drink experience. Sure you can order you basic gin and tonic or dirty martini but the brilliance of Drink is that you can tell your mixologist what flavors you like and they will concoct a drink based on that flavor profile.

We started the evening with easy challenges. We told Ezra (our mixologist) to make us something “smokey” or something “cucumber flavored” but soon our requests rose to a new level and she stepped up to the plate every time. I first asked for a drink inspired by fall. She served me a spiced cocktail with egg whites whipped in but without it tasting like eggnog. It tasted precisely like fall in a glass! Next my brother in law wanted to really challenge her so he asked for a drink inspired by the 3 pillars of zen. She thought for a moment and then zipped away to work her magic. After a few minutes she returned with 3 glasses, 1 empty, 1 filled with a medium color liquor and a 3rd filled with a dark liquor capped with the rind of a lime. She then said pointing to the empty glass, “Life is suffering”, then pointing to the next glass “suffering brings pain”, and finally pointing to the 3rd glass with the lime, “but can be escaped through meditation”. I think at that moment we realized we had a drink god on our hands.

The later the evening wore on the more creative we got. I asked her for a drink inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but not a chocolate drink. What I got was a blue licorice tasting drink which was delicious but that was not the best part. What made the drink was that she had the shortest bus boy on staff serve it to me! My own personal oompa loompa. We threw several other curve balls at her, a drink inspired by Dr. Who’s 50th Anniversary, a drink inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s “Total eclipse of the heart”, and even a drink inspired by tranny porn! Ezra delivered a new extraordinary creation every time.

For our last round we decided to make it a group drink. We asked her to serve us each a unique drink inspired by the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water. What ensued was nothing less than witchcraft and I am convinced Ezra perhaps dabbles in the craft! I got a smokey “earthy” drink, my husband got a very floral fragrant drink for “air”, my sister got a smooth martini like drink that had a smooth “water” after taste and my brother in law got the pièce de résistance. His “fire” drink was truly on fire as seen in the photo above.

Without a doubt the best bar experience I’ve ever had! If you have a chance to go I strongly urge you to and let your imagination run wild!