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Early Spring

By March 9, 2014April 14th, 20144 Comments

Yesterday was a tease, a true tease for us winter weary northerners. With temperatures reaching close to 60 degrees Mother Nature smiled upon us and granted us one day of reprieve from what has been a grueling winter. Even through Mario had to work I was not about to waste the day indoors watching another episode of Little House of the Prairie (a future post on this) so I grabbed my sun glasses, donned my spring jacket and headed into Boston.

Normally, when it is in the 50’s it isn’t exactly window down driving weather however when your body has grown accustomed to 5 degrees, 50 feels balmy. I turned on the radio and cruised into town with my windows down soaking up the warm air. For about two years I’ve wanted to try a sandwich shop called Dough that I had seen profiled on the Phantom Gourmet. I did make a previous attempt to go but it was a Sunday and I came to discover they aren’t open on Sunday. I had high hopes given the rave reviews the place got and how long I’ve waited. I was not disappointed!

Menu at Dough

Menu at Dough


The menu is huge! There are so many options I could have spent an hour trying to figure out what to choose. It was a good thing I already made up my mind before I arrived. I was seeking out the highly recommended “Vermonter”! As described on their menu,

“The Vermonter starts with two extra thick slices of Multigrain bread that are smeared with sun dried tomato mayo… then piled high with maple turkey… chopped bacon… red onion… sliced green apples… and smoked gouda. After about four minutes in the oven, take one taste and you’ll agree it’s definitely worth the wait”


I have to say, it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. I look forward to future visits to try other selections. With my side of cheese fries, I slowly enjoyed my lunch while listening to the funk/indie music the proprietors turned on. The guys who run the place are very cool hipster types and you can tell that attitude makes its way into the food.

After I had my fill I waddled back into my car and drove over to Boston’s South End. I enjoy that part of town with all its shops, art galleries, wine shops, and trendy restaurants. I sat and watched people out at the dog park, shoppers, cyclists, kids playing basketball, and many others out for a walk enjoying the day. I find people watching to be a very relaxing activity as I create stories for who they are and where they are going.

As the afternoon got later I had a bit more time before I was going to pick Mario up at work so I decided it was time for a snack. Since I already went to 1 Phantom Gourmet recommendation I decided why not try another. I had seen advertisements for the Swissbakers several times. Most of the time because I try to eat healthy and refrain from eating sweets I’ve avoided making the trip. But since I already blew it with the cheese fries I figured what the hell.

The space that the cafe occupies is bright and cheerful with a giant red cow on the roof. Using the color pattern of the Swiss flag the entire space is color blocked in red and white. The selection of sumptuous looking treats made it very difficult to choose but I finally decided on a raspberry beliner and a pasty called a mini twist which was a soft dough pastry with crushed hazel nut compote topped with a sweet sugary glaze. If I wasn’t about to burst I could have eaten a dozen of them! After a few weeks at the gym I have to make a trip back and try one of the other amazing looking treats.

Treats at Swissbakers

Treats at Swissbakers