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Fizzy Lifting Drinks!

By January 21, 2014 2 Comments
The best soda machine ever!

The best soda machine ever!

Call it soda, pop, tonic, or “coke” I’ve always been a fan of the fizzy stuff. I love the carbonation and the fizzy feeling it gives me on my tongue. I also love the caffeine which keeps me awake during long days at work. Since I don’t like coffee soda is my go to beverage. I even prefer sparkling water such as San Pellegrino¬†espeically when I am feeling a little torchy…. a little chanteusey! (Obscure reference I know)

When I was a kid I would look forward to pizza Fridays mostly because of the soda we were allowed to drink. Growing up in my house mom never ever let us have soda at dinner during the week. It was reserved strictly for pizza Fridays, special occasions or of course when Aunt Rose and Uncle Arthur came because they always drank soda at dinner. I generally was a big fan of coca cola growing up. But as I’ve grown up I’ve come to appreciate really any brand and flavor especially that of Diet Mt. Dew. It is the best breakfast beverage out there!

So you could imagine my childhood delight when Mario and I went out for lunch this past weekend and I found the soda machine of soda machines! This is the best invention yet! There is a touch screen that allows you to pick your brand of soda. The next screen allows you to choose from an array of flavors. You can mix and ¬†match which allows for an endless combination of soda concoctions! Forget the wine tasting…. let’s do some soda tasting.

Since I am trying to watch my sugar intake I’ve found the perfect recipe. I choose Mellow Yellow Zero and mix orange, grape, cherry and peach flavor into what is basically a fruit punch tasting delight. Some people want a pool table in their house. Others want a Jacuzzi. I would be very happy with installing this beauty next to my wine fridge!