Kick N Go for the 21st century!

By September 26, 20142 Comments

As a child my sister had a Kick N Go scooter. I don’t know whatever happened to it because it was a really cool scooter that required very little effort to keep your momentum. In any case, having moved into a new office space downtown near the seaport I found myself no longer having to take the dreaded subway to work any longer. The train station was close enough that I could walk in about 13 minutes from the station to my office. That is a pretty short walk however, working until 5:30, I JUST miss the 5:40 train by minutes. My solution was to get a Razor scooter. Not only does it offer some additional exercise but I can now make it from the station to the office in 5 minutes. Not only has my overall commuting time dropped down to about 30-35 minutes door to door but I can now catch the earlier train with ease.

On my first day attempting to ride this, after not having ridden a scooter since I was a child, I have to admit it was a little challenging. I found myself gripping onto the handle bars as if my life depended on it. Each bump I was about to roll over I would grit my teeth and say a little prayer I wouldn’t fall off. But I must say, after a few more times I already feel like a pro. I’ve learned the route so I know what times to hit the sidewalk and what times to ride in the bike lane on the street for maximum efficiency, speed and people avoidance.

Traveling on the train with it is quite easy. It folds up in 10 seconds and is reasonably light weight. I just throw it into the overhead rack and I am all set. A friend of mine asked if I was going to get a flag to attach to it. Hey, if people pay me advertising dollars to roll down the street with a flag for their products or services I just might!

My scooter

My scooter