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KidRobotWhen we lived in New York City a few years back my husband worked at the hip and trendy toy company KidRobot. I used to be so jealous of his office. It was a big open loft space on 22nd and 6th with bright colors, up beat music being DJ’d by one of the staff, lots of light streaming in from the floor to ceiling windows and lots of young hipster artsy types.

My favorite part of his job however was all the free stuff we could get. After various samples were ┬áreleased they were put out in the office for the staff to take as they wanted. Every so often he would come home from work with a new toy for me to add to my collection. I wound up with so many that I started to give them to my colleagues so that each of us had some on our desk. When we moved back to Boston I didn’t round up all the figurines that were scattered around so I left just with my few. In an otherwise gray and drab office I love my little KidRobot toys on my desk. They add a little fun to my work space.