Les Chandelles

By November 16, 20143 Comments

Growing up in our house my mother always had candles on the table. Some homes, candles are used only on special occasions or to make a room smell better. Some people hardly ever use candles at all. But we always had candles. We had holiday candles in every appropriate color, candles to make our home smell nice, candles for power outages, candles for birthday cakes, candles for every day dinner table use, candles for decoration, and candles for our advent wreath. The big white pillar candle that we used as the center candle for the wreath has lasted from my childhood into my adulthood. At 40 years old I think we just about burned it down.

When I lived in Copenhagen, candles were ubiquitous. White candles cast their glow in every window of every household. Danish winters are long and dark. The Danes’ response to long bouts of darkness were to warm it up with lots of candles. Our office had candles, restaurants, stores, banks, no matter where I went I saw glowing white candles. The entryway to many stores and restaurants were adorned on the sidewalk with large torches illuminating the way.

I’ve taken my mom’s love of candles into my home. I love having candles lit all times of the year. I do not have to have a special dinner party or event to enjoy the soft glow and flicker of candles casting shadows across the room. One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday evening is to pour a glass of wine and light up all my tea light candles. I have a large pack of them ready for use but I’ve burned through all my pillar candles. I guess it is time for a shopping trip!


Wonderfully scented candles from Fifth & Madison


My dinning table with tea lights


My rock bed waiting for new pillar candles