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Mija Cantina & Tequila Bar

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Christmas at Mjia

OK OK I know I said that you can’t get good Mexican food in Boston so before you call me a hypocrite let me explain. Thursday night I was out at Mija Cantina & Tequila Bar. It was NOT my selection and if I weren’t led like sheep to the slaughter by the people who arranged the night out I am pretty confident I would not have picked this place. It isn’t that I didn’t like the place, it is simply that I do not like tequila and as I’ve made the case previously, getting good Mexican food in Boston isn’t an easy feat.

So the lot of us traipsed over to Faneuil Hall which by the way is so charming this time of year. All the trees are covered in white lights, street performers are out entertaining crowds and all the boutiques have festive holiday displays in their windows. The restaurant is located inside Quincy Market. It seemed to be a popular spot for local office holiday parties and other corporate types. I liked the way they decked out for the holidays with their oversized silver ornaments and accoutrements.

Everyone got a margarita but I was searching for a non tequila based option so I went with the Passion Latina. If you haven’t tried a drink that uses elderflower liqueur I urge you to try. It has become one of my favorite flavors in a cocktail.  It was good but a bit too sweet to drink all night so I moved onto mezcal with that smokey flavor that is hard to resist.

The food was good. No it wasn’t La Carreta but it was tasty. We opted to get a large selection of appetizers including nachos, quesadillas, guacamole and chips, calamari and taquitos or what I argued were flautas. The person sitting next to me who is from southern California claimed that having grown up so close to Mexico that she knew they were taquitos. But Mario’s step-mother makes the exact same thing and Mario raves about her “flautas”.  If you aren’t sure what I am talking about flautas, meaning “flutes” is a flour tortilla rolled up into a tight flute like shape, stuffed with meat and other fillings and deep fried. After doing a bit of research to see who was right it seems we are both right. Flautas use flour tortillas and taquitos use corn tortillas but in the end they are the same given that one difference AND sometimes people interchange the type of tortilla used. But I will pretend I am right. Besides “flautas” is more fun to say!


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