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Mise en place

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Mise en place

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy dining out. I love everything about the experience. First I enjoy selecting what cuisine I am in the mood for (Am I feeling like Italian or Thai, Chinese or Ethiopian, French or American?) and what atmosphere I am going for (Do I want trendy and chic or do I want casual and laid back?). I love perusing the menu and coming up with the perfect selections. I love finding new dishes to try and new artisanal craft cocktails to sip. I take pleasure in interacting with the restaurant staff and finding ways to bond with them during my dining experience. You treat me well, you will get a good tip!

Alas, as much as I would love to dine out on a daily basis I must find less wallet draining experiences and thus I turn to my home kitchen. Now I am far far from Alex Guarnaschelli, Tom Colicchio or Geoffrey Zakarian. Heck, I am far from the line cook at my local taco shop. Needless to say I am not the best cook. I try but inevitably I screw something up, overcook something or just create a plate of food I wouldn’t feed to my dog (unless Priscilla really pissed me off that day). So to help me improve and turn out a dish that is palatable I reflected on the lessons I have learned from just about any cooking show I’ve seen on TV. They all preach “mise en place”. And so with a recipe for chicken chili that my sister graciously provided I came home from work last night determined to get it right! I spent about 30 minutes prepping my “mise” and about 15 minutes cooking. The end result was pleasantly surprising. I thank my sister and Top Chef for giving me the tools to create a successful dinner!

Want to try the recipe click below: