My Dad

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It has been a while since I’ve last posted but I was recently inspired to write today’s entry. My dad rarely gets the recognition that he deserves and so I’d like to take a few minutes to offer him this small tribute. My dad is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever known. As they say¬†necessity is the mother of invention and my dad is the personification of those sage words. He is a bit of a Superman/Clark Kent dual identity type of guy. By day, as Clark Kent, he is CFO, tax accountant specialist and general financial guru and by night, as Superman, he is the build a tree house in the backyard, lay patio stone, fix a car, install a toilet, rewire faulty electrical wires and just about anything you may need guy.

I’ve always been inordinately impressed with the spectrum of knowledge and know-how of my dad. If you need something, anything really, my dad has the answer. He is a walking “funkenribidink” or as the rest of the world knows it “encyclopedia”. He has every answer about… well really… everything. Why bother consulting a “professional” or why bother looking anything up on line when you just have dad? There is nary a question I have about anything in life that my dad doesn’t seem to have some knowledge about. And yes at 41 I admit that many times I need to check in with dad before I believe something as true. He is my validation.

My dad has always put his family first. PERIOD. When things got rough for a while financially, my dad never once let on that things were bad. It wasn’t until I was older that I understood just how dire things were. But my dad never let his stress and his fears trickle down to his children. Somehow, despite all his stress, our birthdays were still magical, Christmas was still a fantasy world and every day life seemed relatively normal to us unsuspecting kids. It says a lot about my dad’s character to protect us from his problems and let us kids be “kids”.

Growing up my dad made every single event important. Our birthday was a huge deal in my house. From the moment we woke up until the moment we went to sleep we were treated like royalty. Christmas was a veritable Santa’s workshop at my house with presents piled so high and deep around the Christmas tree that one couldn’t possibly imagine how Santa got all that loot down the chimney. But it didn’t end there. Valentine’s Day? Yep not just for romance in our house. My dad would get each of us kids a box of chocolates. Easter? Over-sized baskets and other treats were hidden around the house. Fourth of July? Boxes of fireworks were carefully sorted and prepared for the evening’s festivities. Halloween? Much to my mother’s chagrin our house was transformed into a haunted house worthy of any amusement park. My dad, wanted to give his children the most joyous and celebrated childhood possible.

But it isn’t just the gifts and candy and fireworks that my dad gives. He gives of himself in every way. “Dad I want to move to Boston.” And dad would pack up the car and drive me to Boston to move me in. “Dad I want to move back home”. And dad would drive up to Boston to pack up the car to move me home. Before I had a car, my father would drive me back and forth from Boston to NY (3 hours each way) anytime I came home for a visit or holiday. If I need something mailed, painted, fixed, found, solved, cleaned, my dad is right there to make it happen. And he makes it happen so fast that it is as if there are no other priorities that exist other than the request at hand.

These few words are hardly sufficient to express how grateful I am for my dad and how much I love him. And while those outside of my family won’t get the references, I will end with some memories that make me smile…

I’ve often heard about my dad’s¬†friend Mr. Lolly.

We all know what a flame about “that high” can do!

Yah boo yah boo that’s the thing to do…

If you are smart you all know why one can’t get to heaven on mommy’s belly.

My dad knows someone who talked “faahny”.

Dad, before you close the window to the car, pull your head in please.

If you don’t know the proper way to respond to “Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show” then shame on you!

I think we ALL can guess who is “Coming to dinner”.

What is the correct time to leave Peeps going stale on top of the fridge?

One should always Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Senseless Beauty.

I will respond to Big Ragu, Big K, Vinny, Old Number 5 and yes even Blubs (yes CL you can be Chubs)

In case you were wondering why 684 has a lot of traffic? It is because people don’t know what to do when the sun glare hits them.

There are NO calories in vacation food.

There is only ONE correct way to sing Happy Birthday.


A birthday message on a napkin waiting for me at the breakfast table


















Me and my dad!
















Summer bike ride













Dad roasting marshmallows