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My Aunt Rosie's Noel set
My Aunt Rosie's Noel set

My Aunt Rosie’s Noel set

My Aunt Rosie was a formidable woman. She did it all, cooking, baking, sewing, cake decorating, floral arranging, etc. She was one of those amazing people who could do anything she set her mind to and she didn’t let anyone or anything stop her. I admired her strength through her breast cancer battle. She not only won and went on to live many many more years after her diagnosis but she did so in style never giving up, never stopping and never letting it be known she was sick. Through her fight she got up and dragged herself out to the beauty salon to ensure she always looked her best. She continued to treat everyone’s birthday as a national holiday and she brought with her laughter and joy that drew you to her. And so it makes me happy that I was given her Noel figurines. I always admired them as a kid and would love to look at them when we visited her house during the holidays. While she may not be physically present, having this small part of what was hers makes me feel that her spirit is with me.