Peace Lily

By January 12, 2014 2 Comments

Peace LilyAfter we bought our condo and moved in we began the decorating process. There were some minimum must haves like a bedroom set and mattress, a dining room set and a couch. But little by little we added our panache through various object d’art, candles, pillows and color! We moved into a white box. I will never forget the first day we came to view the unit during the open house. The sun was shining brightly beaming through the skylights. The light walls and the light floor amplified the sunlight into a blinding glow. I like natural light but I needed so subdue it a bit!

As we added more decorative items I knew I needed some nature. Without a backyard or a courtyard patio, bringing some of the outdoors in was important. I added natural elements through my Marimekko fabric patterns and orchid prints but most importantly we added our two big gorgeous plants. They have become 2 of my favorite things in my entire home.

What is great about my peace lily (aka¬†Spathiphyllum) is that you can not kill this thing. As long as you water it on occasion it will continue to thrive. When we moved to Copenhagen and rented out our place, our tenants did not do a great job of caring for the plants. Two years later when we returned I found my peace lily wilted over most of it with brown dead branches crumbling around the pot. I was brokenhearted and thought I’d have to throw out my plant.

I began tending to it and to my surprise it did not take much. I added fresh new soil, I cut away all the dead branches and left the handful of green ones that remained. I gave it a generous drink of water and within a couple weeks new leaves began to sprout. This plant grows quickly and within a few months I had tons of new leaves as it began to fill itself out again.

The best thing about this plant that I love and look forward to each year is when it blooms these gorgeous white flowers. It usually starts around December each year and it probably takes a good month before it grows to its full height and begins to unfurl. A couple weeks ago I saw the small tip of the white bloom emerge from the stem and slowly extend itself higher and higher. It is almost there and soon the flower will emerge. I love watching the process. It may seem silly that I give this much thought to a plant but sometimes the small pleasures are the most important.