By January 11, 2014 3 Comments

PriscillaThis week we celebrated Priscilla’s 10th birthday. Well celebration may be a bit of an overstatement. There wasn’t any doggie party. Her friends didn’t come over to visit. She didn’t even unwrap any gifts. We aren’t those kind of pet owners. But she did get some extra hugs, happy birthday wishes and a few extra treats to mark the occasion.

Anyone who knows Priscilla knows she is not the easiest dog to live with. She is a constant whiner. She really has been this way since birth. We got both Priscilla and Coco from Mario’s family who breeds chihuahuas. 10 years ago on his visit to New Mexico one of the dogs had a litter. There were several pups to choose from. All of them playful, fun loving, and eager to give Mario attention. Priscilla (formerly Peanut) was the only one of the puppies that did not want to have anything to do with Mario. She was quiet, scared, and wouldn’t go near him. Naturally, that was the dog Mario had to have. And she has not changed in 10 years!

I realize that different dogs are scared of various things. But I’ve yet to meet a dog that has the number of phobias that Priscilla has. She is afraid of wind, rain, thunder, umbrellas, baby strollers, bikes, skateboard, wheelchairs (really anything with wheels), vacuum cleaners, brooms, shovels, mops, plastic bags (including the poop bag), jingling keys, feet, homeless people and fireworks. Beyond her fears most things make her uncomfortable whether it is too hot, too cold, she is hungry, she is bored and restless, she doesn’t have the right blanket, she wants to be in the closet, she wants to be in the entertainment console, she wants a treat, she has to pee/poop….. and so the constant whining ensues.

Priscilla is an international lady. She came with us when we moved to Copenhagen. I am convinced the trauma she experienced having to be transported caused her face to go white. On our afternoon walks she would fend off the seagulls that would swoop down towards her as she ran through the lot by the canals around our apartment. But a word to the wise. Anyone who wants to take their pet to another country… DON’T! It was incredibly expensive and quite the hassle. Of course there is always the concern that once on the other side customs doesn’t approve your vet’s paperwork and the animal winds up in isolated quarantine.

So Happy Birthday Priscilla! Now shut up and lay down!