French blend

French blend

Last night I wound up at Sip Wine Bar to say goodbye to an ex-colleague who has taken a new job in NYC. Ironically, she is moving to the same neighborhood just a couple streets away from where I lived in Astoria. I gave her some tips on the neighborhood and some suggestions for living and playing in NYC.

I walked by Sip many times and it was on my list of places to go. I had a nice red wine blend from France and started with the white bean soup with  prosciutto and pesto. It was a nice thick soup appropriate for the 5 degree weather we’ve been having in Boston. I then ordered the ahi tuna napolean which was raw ahi tuna set upon a rice cake with  ginger, sesame and chili oil. It was actually quite delicious.

The vibe of the place is chill and welcoming but I must admit the menu is a bit odd. For a “wine bar” I have a certain expectation of what the menu would be. But I felt that the place had a bit of an identity crisis which didn’t resonate with me. They had small plates like cheeses and meatballs but they also had flat bread pizzas, larger bistro style entrees of fish, beef and pork as well as pasta and to top it off sushi and sashimi! It just felt like the place couldn’t make up its mind. Not saying I won’t go back but I think it would be more to try different wine than anything else.



White bean soup

White bean soup

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  1. Why do I always end up wanting to stuff my face after reading your blogs?

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