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By March 15, 2014 April 14th, 2014 2 Comments

It was a long cold week. Work, car tax bills, a sick dog and another bout with snow left Mario and I grouchy. It seemed that the only logical thing to do was to go out to dinner and relax forgetting about it all and welcoming in a well deserved weekend.

Sushi Boat

Sushi Boat

I would have been more than happy to dive into a big bowl of pasta and bread or a greasy cheeseburger but in an effort to eat healthier we opted for one of our favorite meals, sushi! When I lived in NYC I loved that good quality sushi was so abundant and at such a reasonable price. Almost every corner seemed to have a sushi restaurant offering fantastic lunch combos for only $9-$10. When I moved back to Boston I was disappointed that being such a “seafood hub” that quality sushi came with a hefty price tag. The $9 places offered pretty low quality or very little food.

When I discovered Aikia Steakhouse in Swampscott it was like finding a little oasis for sushi lovers. Without having to get a 2nd mortgage on my condo I can enjoy quality sushi just up the road from home. Last night, we happily arrived with empty stomachs ready to indulge.

As with almost every sushi meal we started off with a delicious bowl of miso soup. We then each ordered 3 rolls of assorted maki including spicy tuna, salmon and scallions, tempura shrimp, and crab. The best part was the presentation when our waitress brought us the famous sushi boat. I think all food should come in culturally appropriate serving dishes. Next time I go out for Italian I want my pasta in a mini gondola!