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Testing the new Mexican joint

By October 27, 20142 Comments

Last week the much anticipated (at least by Mario and me) Mexican restaurant opened in Lynn. You may ask why would we be awaiting a Mexican restaurant in our town when we already have 100 of them already. In actuality, we don’t really have many sit-down full-service Mexican restaurants in Lynn. We have many takeout style places and many of them while serving typical Mexican food are an amalgam of ethnic backgrounds and not necessarily “Mexican”. So when we saw construction happening with a big sign advertising the arrival of┬áHacienda Corona we were excited.

Mario is a lot choosier than I am when it comes to Mexican food. He has a unique point of reference coming from Texas where good Mexican or Tex-Mex is as ubiquitous as Dunkin Donuts is in New England. He also compares the food to what he can get cooked at home by his mom. I can relate to that. I can be rather picky when it comes to Italian food. No one will ever make a meatball like my grandmother!

So on Saturday we walked over to┬áHacienda Corona. To say the place is festive is an understatement. It does seem a bit like a box of Crayola crayons vomited. It is fun but I wish they were a bit more authentic with their design and didn’t go so over the top just to appeal to the locals “idea” of Mexico. Anyway, despite the in your face decor, the food was really good.

It isn’t always easy to get handmade guacamole. Often you get stuff pre-made out of a can. We were thrilled to get real guacamole and it was seasoned well. The queso was pretty good. It had a nice kick although it could have been a littler thicker. The main dishes were tasty with generous portions while the prices are very reasonable. Even though I was stuffed I couldn’t resist trying the fried ice cream.

My favorite part of the visit was the frozen margaritas. I love my frozen margaritas and the raspberry one I ordered was perfect. It was the right balance of sweet and tangy. Not too much tequila to overpower either which I appreciate. It is great to have a local place that serves good Mexican. We don’t have to drive 45 minutes into New Hampshire now just to get “Mario approved Mexican”!

Colorful booths

Colorful booths















Guacamole & Queso

Guacamole & Queso


Carnitas burrito




Fried Ice cream


Frozen Margarita