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The Fold

By December 10, 2013 December 15th, 2013 3 Comments

NY Style Pizza

Last night, when I should have been eating healthy I decided to order a pizza. I believe one of mankind’s greatest contributions to the world is pizza. It is a little bit of heaven on a plate. Just the smell of someone walking down the street with a pizza box as that smell wafts into the air causes such a Pavlovian response that I have to stop myself from pushing them to the ground and taking off with their dinner. Heck my friend’s dog loved pizza so much that the dog would erupt into a canine frenzy when my friend would grab the pizza menu from the fridge and pick up the phone to place an order.

My brother and I share a love for pizza and we have daily conversations about it. He likes to send me pictures of the perfect slice of pizza to taunt me. We discuss at length the perfect crust, the right seasonings for the perfect sweet yet savory sauce, how gooey the cheese should be but most importantly…. the FOLD!

See I grew up in New York and NY style pizza is what I believe to be the best kind of pizza anywhere. Of course you have lovers of deep dish style, Chicago style, Greek style, Neapolitan style, Sicilian style but I find that oversized slice of pizza served to you on a cheap white paper plate that becomes translucent as the oil seeps into it absolute perfection! The test of a good slice of pizza is the fold. Is the pizza big enough to fold in half? It is thin enough and sturdy enough to be picked up, folded, and shoved into my mouth? Last night’s version was pretty good. It wasn’t perfect but I did get a fold in!